“Cherry-Blossom Room"/Convenient

“Cherry-Blossom Room"/Convenient

Japan, Tōkyō To, Toshima Ku




  • 公寓
  • 整間住宅/公寓
  • 5 位客人
  • 1房
  • 2張床
  • 1間浴室


A new room with “cherry-blossom" theme where you can fully relax. Located in one of the major cities in Tokyo, this room can occupy 5 adults, making it suitable for both family and small group trips. Very convenient access to major cities in Tokyo.

--Living room
--Dining room
--1 Bedroom
--1 Bathroom; 1 Toilet (separated)
--1 Closet

1 Double Sized Bed
1 Single Sized Sofa Bed
1 Double Sized Sofa Bed

MAXIMUM – 5 adults (3 adults for comfortable stay)
Stay CONNECTED while you are in Tokyo!! You can carry it with you and stay connected online 24/7 for FREE! The portable router and PASSWORD will be provided at the apartment when you arrive.

--Unlimited pocket Wi-Fi
--Bath and shower with hot water
--Body soap, shampoo, conditioner, toilet paper, and facial tissues
--Hand towel and bath towel
--Hair dryer
--Induction heater
--Fridge and toaster
--Pans, plates, glasses, cups, silverwares, and chopsticks
--Air conditioner

Please feel free to contact us if you have anything to ask about your stay in Tokyo!

The closest station from the apartment is Zoshigaya on Tokyo Metro Yurakucho Line, which is only 5-6 minutes away from the apartment. You can easily access to Ikebukuro, one of the major cities of Tokyo, which has some attractions worth checking out such as Sunshine Aquarium and Animate (shop for animation and games). There are several spots where you can enjoy the cherry blossoms including Shinjuku Gyoen National Garden. Ikebukuro station is one of the major hubs in Tokyo, with JR lines (Yamanote, Saikyo, and Shonan-Shinjuku), Tokyo Metro lines (Marunouchi, Yurakucho, and Fukutoshin), Tobu Line, and Seibu Line all coming in and out. From Zoshigaya station, you can use Tokyo Metro Fukutoshin Line, which would take you to famous attractions such as Shinjuku, Harajuku, and Shibuya. The apartment itself is in a quiet neighborhood and it is hard to believe that it is right in the thick of mega-city Tokyo.

By Train (from ZOSHIGAYA station)
--IKEBUKURO station – 3 mins (direct)
--SHINJUKU station – 7 mins (direct)
--HARAJUKU station – 11 mins (direct)
--SHIBUYA station – 14 mins (direct)
--UENO station – 27 mins
--GINZA station – 27 mins
--ROPPONGI station – 31 mins
--TSUKIJI station – 34 mins
--ASAKUSA station – 37 mins

By Walk
--ZOSHIGAYA station (Tokyo Metro Fukutoshin Line) – 5 mins
--Convenience store - 2 mins
--ATM(Seven-Eleven) – 5 mins (ATMs in SEVEN ELEVEN or POST OFFICE are usually available for international cash cards.)
--Post Office – 7 mins
--Police box – 8 mins

Kishi-Mojindo – 7 mins
Gokokuji Temple – 10 mins
Toshima City Office – 13 mins

*Using train makes it a lot more convenient to visit many attractions.


1: When can I CHECK-IN / CHECK-OUT?
- Check-in time is at 3PM or anytime after. Late check-in is available for late night arriving flights.
- Check-out time is at 11AM or anytime before.
Early check-in / Late check-out may be available if there is no previous guest or next guest. Luggage drop-in is also available depending your flight timings, but please note that we will be cleaning the room between 10am to 4pm.

2: When is this room AVAILABLE?
My calendar is ALWAYS UP-TO-DATE no matter what this website says. For your convenience, there is no need to ask me if it is available. One Night reservations may not be acceptable. Last minute booking is available. (Please ask us.)

--Age 0 to Age 4: FREE!
--Age 5 to Age 10: $10USD per night!
--Age over 10: Usual additional fee!
Please note that no baby cot is available.

The total price is composed of three parts:
1. Nightly price x # of nights (plus any nightly charges for extra guests when applicable )
2. Cleaning fee( one-time fee )
3. Service fee( one-time fee set and collected , typically between 6 and 12% )
Weekly Price: Price may fluctuate based on peak holidays, and special events.
Enter in your specific dates to see the current price for those days.


  • 寬帶網絡
  • 無線網路
  • 空調
  • 暖氣
  • 電梯
  • 廚房
  • 洗衣機/烘乾機
  • 熱水浴缸
  • 蜂嚀器/無線對講機
  • 適合家庭/兒童


清潔費 TWD 2,831 (每次入住)
每位額外客人每晚付 TWD 629 (2位客人後)
押金 TWD 0
此筆款項將在您辦理入住手續時由房東當面收取,或退房時由房東退還給您,以防止物品損壞或遺失。 了解更多
取消 嚴格
入住前 7 天半額退款(不包括 HomeAway 服務費)





-Please don't make noise after midnight (The guests may be asked for penalty charge of USD $700 in case we receive complaints from our neighbors).
- Smoking is prohibited in the whole building. If you would like smoke, please go outside of this building.
(Please note that if you smoke in the prohibited area, we will have to charge you $700.00 (US Dollars) for the room cleaning fee.)
- Please take off your shoes at the entrance of the room. We hope you enjoy part of our culture in Japan!
- Please do not use towels and bed linens placed in the shelf. Those are for the newer guests.
- Please turn off the lights and the air conditioner when you go out.
-請不要吵鬧午夜後 (客人可能會要求提供美元罰款 $700 萬一我們收到我們的鄰居的投訴)。
(請注意,是否你在禁區裡抽煙,我們會向您收取 $700.00 (美元) 的房間清潔費)。


入住 下午3:00
退房 上午11:00
面積 40ft2
最短住宿天數 2 晚
最長住宿天數 10 晚

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房東在入住前 56 天取消了預訂。這是系統代替房客自動產生的評論。



Great place to stay in Tokyo. In a quiet area, so need to be mindful of the neighbors when coming home late at night. A bit of a walk to the rail/subway but overall a great experience!



Well situated. Very quiet. Perfect for 3 persons. Nice hosts: they answered quickly to our questions.
以及位於。很安靜。完美的 3 人。好的主機︰ 他們迅速地回答我們的問題。
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My family and I had a very good stay in this apartment, and I would definitely recommend it as well as stay there again myself. Communication via email worked very well; the arrival instructions were easy to follow; all was as described. It is located in a quiet residential street just off the main road, with lots of small shops nearby (bakery, hair salon, Bento eatery, sundry shop, fruit & vegetable market, laundromat, even a small 7-11). Close to Zoshigaya subway station, although a walk to Ikebukuro is possible in less than 30mins. Great location, a bit away from the really crowded areas of Tokyo. The bedroom balcony overlooks the residential street , and the main room window is closer to the main street, so some traffic noise is there at night, but it didn't bother us. Windows are all frosted so you can't see into the close neighboring apartments and vice versa. The apartment is very small, but does have a separate sleeping room with a sliding door to close it off. The one double and one single bed take up most of the space, and the closet is quite small, mostly because the bottom area is filled with extra bedding, pillows, iron/ironing board, stick vacuum. There is very little space to put suitcases; the apartment does have beds for 5 people (3 in bedroom and fold out double-sized futon in living area), but it would be extremely crowded with that many. We were 3 and had one suitcase stored open under the double bed. The living/kitchen room is a good size and there are two chairs in addition to the fold out couch. The only complaint would be that there is no place to hang jackets/bags to keep them out of the way. Some wall hooks or even a coat rack near the entry would be helpful. The kitchen has enough for light cooking; the induction cooking unit works great. Loved the electric hot water maker. Nice additions would be a lid for the frying pan, a teapot, and a microwave. The shower room is great: shower, tub, mirror, small shelves, all inside their own space, and all can get wet. The sink is just outside the shower room, with the washing machine. The only complaint here is the lack of towel racks or hooks. There is one small towel bar inside the shower area; not enough for three towels. Adding some bars or hooks in the sink area would help; also some shelves or a storage rack could be used because there is little room to put toiletry bags, etc. Lastly, the towel situation; only one towel per person for 9 days. Also, there were no hand towels (or kitchen towels). We did use the washing machine for our towels, as was suggested when I emailed to ask about getting extra towels. The only reason I asked for extras is because it is mentioned in the house instruction binder; it actually says there are towels in the closet, but I was told not to use these as they were for the next guests. This is stated in the binder as well, not to use the towels on the shelf (there is no shelf); so it's a bit confusing and should be clarified. I asked if the washer had drying capability, but never got a response. We found the clothes drying rack on the balcony, after looking around for something to hang the wet things on. We used this to hang our towels between uses as well. The toilet is in a room by itself, with all the bells and whistles of a Japanese toilet. Even with the above mentioned things, which are minor, the Cherry Blossom Room is a great place to
stay; quiet, clean, convenient (lots of stores/restaurants all around) a st
我和我的家人在這間公寓,有一個很好的住宿,我會絕對推薦它,以及留在那裡再自己。通過電子郵件溝通工作得很好;到來說明瞭易於遵循;只是如所述。它坐落在一個安靜的住宅街道只是離開主路,有很多小商店附近 (麵包店,美髮沙龍,便當食堂、 雜物店、 水果與蔬菜市場,洗衣店,甚至一個小小的 7-11)。近 Zoshigaya 地鐵站,步行到池袋雖可能在不到 30 分鐘。偉大的位置,有點遠離東京的很擁擠區域。臥室陽臺俯瞰的住宅街,和主要房間的窗戶是更接近于主要街道,所以一些交通噪音是有在晚上,但它並沒有打擾我們。Windows 被磨砂玻璃所以你看不到緊密相鄰公寓,反之亦然。公寓很小,但確實有一個單獨的睡房間帶推拉門關閉它。一張雙人床和一張單人床佔用了大部分的空間,而且衣櫥是相當小的主要是因為底部區域充滿著額外的被褥,枕頭,/熨板,堅持真空。還有很小的空間來放行李;該公寓有床為 5 人 (3 在臥室和折疊出雙大小的被褥居住面積),但它會非常擁擠,很多人。我們 3,有一個手提箱存儲雙床下的開放。生活/廚房房間是一個很好的大小,除了折疊出沙發上的兩把椅子。唯一有投訴會沒有地方掛外套/袋,以保持他們的出路。一些壁鉤或甚至衣帽架靠近主入口會有説明。廚房裡有足夠的明火烹飪;電磁爐機組的偉大工程。愛電熱水製造商。很好的補充會蓋煎鍋、 茶壺和一台微波爐。淋浴房是偉大︰ 淋浴、 浴缸、 鏡子、 小貨架,所有屬於自己的空間,裡面和所有可以被淋濕。接收器是城外淋浴房、 洗衣機。這裡唯一的抱怨是缺乏毛巾架或鉤子。還有一個小毛巾酒吧裡面淋浴區;還不夠被三條毛巾。在塌陷區中添加一些酒吧或鉤子可以説明我們;此外一些貨架或存儲機架可以使用,因為已經沒有餘地來放化妝包等。最後,毛巾情況;只有一個毛巾每人 9 天。此外,沒有手毛巾 (或廚房毛巾)。我們做為我們的毛巾,用洗衣機,象有人當向發郵件詢問得到額外的毛巾。我要求額外的唯一原因是因為它所述房子指令粘結劑;它實際上說有毛巾在壁櫥裡,但我被告知不要使用這些,因為他們是為下一位客人。這是所述粘合劑,以及切勿使用毛巾在架子上 (那裡是沒有架子上);所以它是一個有點混亂,應加以澄清。我問是否洗衣機乾燥機的生產能力,但從來沒有得到回應。我們發現後四處尋找東西濕的衣服掛在晾衣架的陽臺上的衣服。我們用它來掛我們之間以及使用的毛巾。廁所在一個房間裡就本身而言,與日本的廁所所有的鐘聲和口哨。甚至與上面提到的事情,較輕的櫻桃開花房間是一個偉大的地方;安靜,乾淨、 方便的 (很多商店或餐館四周) st
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Believe the reviews. This is a great apartment! Everything was spotless. modern, location is perfect with the subway, food and restaurant next door, SPA and restaurant on the top floor. Perfect for a short stay or even longer stay.....
相信審查。這是一個好的公寓 !一切都無可挑剔。現代,位置是完美與地鐵、 食物和隔壁的餐廳、 SPA 和你們住在頂層的餐廳。完善做短暫的停留或甚至更長時間留......
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This is the best place I'd ever stayed in Tokyo. Even better than hotel like keio plaza that offers big rooms. It has all you ask for and best of all is the location. Eatery is everywhere, walking distance to many places and higashi shinjuku train station is just opposite. My favourite super market- Maruetsu is just next to the building, you can get anything you want there. This apartment is equipped with modern facilities, everything looks new and it's spacious enough for a small family of 3, with baby or toddler. Owner is very friendly and responsible, replied emails and calls spontaneously every time. I highly recommend it to everyone and I won't stay anywhere else when I visit tokyo again.
這是我所住過東京的最佳場所。甚至比像京王廣場酒店,客房大。它有所有你想要的是最好的所有位置。餐館是無處不在去過許多地方步行距離和東新宿火車站只是相反。我最喜歡的超級市場 Maruetsu 就在大樓旁邊,你可以得到任何你想要那裡。這間公寓配備了現代化的設施,一切看起來都新很寬敞,足夠建 3,與嬰兒或幼兒一個小家庭。擁有者是非常友好和負責任的答覆電子郵件和電話自發每次。我極力推薦它給每個人,當我再次訪問東京時,我不會呆在別處。
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