3 Bdrm Apt 2; 1 Bdrm Apt 1 (12 guests)

3 Bdrm Apt 2; 1 Bdrm Apt 1 (12 guests)





  • 私人住宅
  • 整間住宅/公寓
  • 16+ 位客人
  • 4房
  • 15張床
  • 4.5間浴室




This landed property terrace house has enormous space to host groups up to 16 guests.
Therefore we have split the place into 2 apartments to cater to a size of 4 and 12 in Apartments 1 and 2 respectively.

The price shown is for Apartment 2 only.

If you need Apartment 1 as well, you can let me know and we can discuss a package price for both.

Apartment 1 has:

1 bedroom (2-3 guests)
1 bathroom
1 living room (convertible to bedroom for 2 more guests)
Kitchenette with Electric cooker, kettle, microwave oven, fridge, washing machine,all necessary utensils, crockery and cutlery.

Apartment 2 has:

3 bedrooms (4 Queen Beds, 2 Single Beds, additional beds upon request)
3 bathrooms
1 living room
Full Kitchen with Electric cookers, kettle, microwave oven, fridge, washing machine,all necessary utensils, crockery and cutlery.
本地產陽臺的房子有主機組 16 名客人提供的巨大空間。
因此我們已將地方分成 2 公寓分別迎合 4 和 12 在公寓 1 和 2 的大小。

這個價格只是公寓 2。

如果你也需要公寓 1,你可以讓我知道,我們可以討論一下包價格為兩個。

公寓 1 具有 ︰ 1 臥室 (2-3 位賓客) 1 浴室 1 客廳 (可轉換到臥室 2 更多的客人) 電鍋、 水壺、 微波爐、 冰箱、 洗衣機、 所有必需的用具、 陶器和餐具的小廚房。

公寓 2 有 ︰ 3 間臥室 (4 張大床,兩張單人床,額外床要求) 3 浴室 1 客廳廚房電鍋、 水壺、 微波爐、 冰箱、 洗衣機、 所有必要的用具、 陶器和餐具。


  • 電視
  • 寬帶網絡
  • 無線網路
  • 空調
  • 無障礙設施
  • 廚房
  • 停車位
  • 洗衣機/烘乾機
  • 適合家庭/兒童
  • 適合舉辦活動


清潔費 TWD 3,478 (每次入住)
每位額外客人每晚付 TWD 696 (9位客人後)
押金 TWD 4,637
此筆款項將在您辦理入住手續時由房東當面收取,或退房時由房東退還給您,以防止物品損壞或遺失。 了解更多
取消 嚴格
入住前 7 天半額退款(不包括 HomeAway 服務費)





入住 下午2:00
退房 上午10:00
面積 2000ft2
最短住宿天數 30 晚
最長住宿天數 90 晚

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Apartment 2 - Beautiful house and decent. Spacious, definitely can accommodate a group of 10-15 people. Kitchen amenities is complete as per our request. Guest can cook their own favorite foods, as cooking utensils is complete. Nearby grocery and mall is approximately 10mins walk. House is located in Newton area, MRT Newton is quite near approximately 10mins walk. Their is a nearby bus stop and 7/11 convenience store, around 5mins walk. The neighborhood is kid friendly because of the park. 3 toilets & bath. Mark, the host, arrange the self check-in and it's fine.

We only have one concern with air-con in 1 of the small bedroom, the air-con is not properly working it takes time to get the air cold.

Overall we are satisfied with our stay, Mark was able to provide all our request. Early check-in because no is booked ahead of us. Kitchen amenities is complete; refrigerator, rice cooker, electric kettle, cooking wares - pan & wok, glass and plates. With hair dryer. Sofa bed and extra beds.

P.S. bring your own Toiletries and towels

P.S. 2 - To Mark, please find time to reply to inquires as fast as you can, regardless they will book or not. The reason people are inquiring is to make sure the legitimacy of the place. Most importantly, please put your profile picture. and add pictures of the house.
公寓 2-美麗房子和體面。絕對空間寬敞,可容納 10-15 人一組。廚房設施是完全按我們的要求。客人可以作為做飯自己最喜歡的食物,煮食用具是完整。附近的雜貨店和購物中心是大約 10 分鐘步行。房子坐落在牛頓區、 捷運牛頓離得很近大約 10 分鐘步行。他們是附近的汽車站和 7/11 便利店,周圍 5 分鐘步行。附近是友好的孩子因園。3 廁所及浴室。馬克,主機,自我檢查在安排和很好。

我們只有一種關切與空調 1 小臥室中,空調不工作正常它需要時間去空氣冷。

總體我們很滿意我們的住宿,馬克是能夠提供我們所有的要求。早期檢查中因為不是預定我們面前。廚房設施已完成;冰箱,電鍋,電熱水壺,炊具等-潘 & 炒鍋、 玻璃、 板。用吹風機。沙發床和加床。

P.S.帶來您自己的洗浴用品和毛巾 P.S.2-到標記,請找時間來回複一樣快,您可以查詢,無論他們將預訂或不。人們正在查詢的原因是確保地方的合法性。最重要的是,請把您的個人資料圖片。並添加圖片的房子。
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