100 year old house behind Kyoto



100 year old house behind Kyoto

Japan, Kyōto Fu, Kameoka Shi


5,346 TWD


  • 私人住宅
  • 整間住宅/公寓
  • 6 位客人
  • 2房
  • 3張床
  • 1間浴室




Welcome to our 100 year old house we renovated by our hands! It's located in a quiet residential area in Kameoka which is surrounded beautiful mountains. It's also easy to reach Kyoto(11mins from Arashiyama by rapid train) but has unique sights of real local life. Huge rice fields, local Izakaya and people who don't get used to foreigners,,, you will experience deep atmosphere of Japanese local culture. Four bicycles are free to use. Explore around the traditional town!

It's a great traditional style Japanese house. It has beautiful bedroom, gallery space, dining room and useful kitchen. It used to be a vacant house for a few years and had been damaged. We renovated it to open for many foreigners so that it can back to be lively. I hope you love it!

We offer almost whole house for you. You can use a Bed room, Kitchen, Dining room, Bathroom and Toilet. We're closing a part of the house as our stock space.

Kameoka is an old town where surrounded by beautiful nature and mountains. We recommend you to go cycling through huge rice field. It also has some interesting spots such as "Hozugawa-river boat ride", "Yunohana-Onsen"(Hot spring), the ruin of Kameoka castle, a historical shrines and an old Sake Breweryand etc... We rent four bicycles for free, so you can enjoy cycling around traditional town.

It's about 10 mins walk to JR Namikawa St.
11mins to JR Saga- Arashiyama St., 18mins to JR Nijo St. and 24 mins to JR Kyoto St. by rapid train.
We offer space for parking cars.

-Our house is NOT inside of Kyoto-city. But it's easy to reach, so you can enjoy both local slow life and sightseeing Kyoto.
-The road construction is ongoing around the house. It sometimes bit-noisy in day time, but not everyday.
歡迎來到我們 100 年的老房子,我們裝修我們用手來 !它坐落在一個安靜的住宅社區,在山陰即環繞美麗的山脈。它也是容易到達京都 (乘快速火車從嵐山 11mins) 但有真正當地的生活的獨特景點。巨大的稻田、 當地居酒屋和不習慣于外國人的人,你會經歷深日本當地文化氛圍。四輛自行車是免費使用的。探索傳統在城裡 !

這是一個很好的傳統風格的日本房子。它有漂亮的臥室,畫廊空間,餐廳和有用的廚房。它用於幾年空置的房子,已經被損壞。我們裝修它打開使許多外國人,以便它可以備份要生動活潑。我希望你愛它 !

我們為你提供了幾乎整個房子。您可以使用床房間、 廚房、 飯廳、 浴室和廁所。我們關門房子的一部分作為我們股票的空間。

山陰是一個古老的城市在美麗的大自然和山脈包圍。我們建議您去騎自行車穿過巨大的稻田。它也有一些有意思的地方,如"Hozugawa 河遊船","湯之溫泉"(Hot spring)、 山陰城堡的廢墟、 歷史聖地和舊的緣故 Breweryand 等...我們租四輛自行車免費的所以你可以享受騎車環繞傳統城鎮。

約 10 分鐘步行到 JR 嵯峨嵐山聖 JR 浪川聖 11mins,JR 二條聖 18mins 和 24 分鐘到 JR 京都聖的快速列車。

* 注意-我們的房子不位於京都市。但它很容易到達,所以你可以享受當地的慢生活和觀光京都。


  • 寬帶網絡
  • 無線網路
  • 空調
  • 暖氣
  • 廚房
  • 停車位
  • 熱水浴缸
  • 蜂嚀器/無線對講機
  • 適合家庭/兒童
  • 適合舉辦活動


清潔費 TWD 2,202 (每次入住)
每位額外客人每晚付 TWD 1,258 (1位客人後)
押金 TWD 3,145
此筆款項將在您辦理入住手續時由房東當面收取,或退房時由房東退還給您,以防止物品損壞或遺失。 了解更多
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入住前 5 天取消,將全額退款(不包括平台服務費)





No smoking inside the house, please smoke outside.
Don't eat or drink on the beds.
Respect neighbors.


入住 下午3:00
退房 下午12:00
面積 120ft2
最短住宿天數 2 晚
最長住宿天數 90 晚

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My husband & I loved staying at this house! It was comfortable & clean (with the exception of some dust & a few cobwebs, which is understandable in such an old house). The host was so nice, left us little gifts, & answered any questions we had. Wonderful location, & about a 30 min train ride into downtown Kyoto. The authentic Japanese style of this house was just what we were looking for! Would definitely stay here again!



The house is very special and have authentic atmosphere . Spacious and comfortable.
Well equipped with all you need
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The house combines a traditional Japanese living room, tatami room and sun room in front, with a "bohemian" loft apartment feel in the back. Our host was very gracious, and everyone in the village was especially helpful and kind as we found our way around. The place is about 30 minutes outside of Kyoto, but near to the river boat ride, bamboo forest and scenic train, all highly recommended. The village is very nice, (don't miss "Old Town" Namikawa) and it was a nice respite from city life after 3 days in Tokyo. If you want to experience a traditional Japanese house with modern amenities (heating, western toilet, etc.) this is a terrific choice.
房子結合了傳統日本客廳、 榻榻米房和陽光房在前面,在後面的"波希米亞"閣樓公寓感覺。我們的主人是非常親切,和村子裡的每個人都是特別有説明和親切正如我們發現我們的出路。這個地方是約 30 分鐘,在京都,但附近的河遊船、 竹林和風景秀麗的火車,都極力推薦。這個村莊是很好,(不要錯過"老城"浪川),它是城市生活很好的喘息時間 3 天后在東京。如果你想要體驗傳統日本人的家與現代化的設施 (加熱,西式馬桶等) 這是一個很棒的選擇。
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