Fushimi CherryBlossoms Private Room (桜)

Fushimi CherryBlossoms Private Room (桜)

Japan, Kyoto Prefecture, Kyoto




  • 私人住宅
  • 獨立套房
  • 2 位客人
  • 1房
  • 2張床
  • 1間浴室


Welcome to Kyoto!

This will be a private room. You will receive the key and you can come and go as you please of course. There is no curfew.
The room is ONLY 7 minutes walk from Fushimi Inari which is the most popular place to visit in Kyoto.
This room is also has good access to Kyoto sta. You can go around many places staying this room.

5 min. to Fushimi Inari & Fushimi station.


This room is for 1-2 people
If you are more than 2, please see other room called '松’

This is a private room with tatami mat for 1 to 2 guests.
You will share Kitchen, Bath & toilet with other guests.

---Kitchen with Stove and basic cooking utensils.
---Fridge, Hot Water Pot, Hairdryer,
---Washing Machine
―Futon, Towels, Basic Toiletries
--- Air conditioners / Heater
---bathroom Hair dryer , Shampoo

before 11am --check out
after 4pm ------check in

■■About Our Guest House■■

The guest house is located in the Fushimi area of Kyoto, where there are many historic attractions that are great for sightseeing. It's a small and homely guest house near Fushimi Inari, the building of which has been remodeled from an old Machiya.

■■About the Neighborhood & Access■■

■ Fushimi Inari Taisha is 800 meters east of the guest house (7 min walk)
■ Kamogawa is 300 meters west of the guest house (2 min walk)

■ Great access to Kyoto Station, Tofuku-ji Temple, Toji Temple, Sanjusangendo, Chionin, Kiyomizudera Temple, and Gion
■ Close to JR Inari Station and Keihan Fushimi Inari Statation

■ If you use a bus to come to our house, you're advised to get off at the Fukakusa Shimogawaracho Stop.
■ If you are coming by a bus from JR Kyoto Station, you're advised to take the one bound for Fukakusa Shimogawaracho, Kyoto Shiei Bus #81. It takes about 15 minutes from the station to the stop.

■ If you use a bicycle, from the guest house: (approximately)
JR Inari Station (15 min), Kyoto Station (10 min), Tofuku-ji Temple (11 min), Kiyomizudera Temple) (25 min), Toji Temple (12 min), Gion (27 min)

■ Nearby facilities: (by walking)
Seven Eleven (2 min), McDonald's (5 min), Drug Store (8 min), Sukiya (10 min), Supermarket (10 min), Ramen Shop (10 min), Bank (12 min), Family Mart (12 min), Home Center Konan (12 min), Supermarket Matsumoto (12 min), Subway Kuinabashi Station (13 min), Supermarket LIFE (2 min)


  • 電視
  • 無線網路
  • 空調
  • 廚房
  • 洗衣機/烘乾機
  • 熱水浴缸


清潔費 不收費
每位額外客人每晚付 TWD 907 (1位客人後)
押金 TWD 0
此筆款項將在您辦理入住手續時由房東當面收取,或退房時由房東退還給您,以防止物品損壞或遺失。 了解更多
取消 嚴格
入住前 7 天半額退款(不包括 HomeAway 服務費)





■ There is not curfew. However, please refrain from going out late at night to be courteous to others.
■ Please make sure to lock doors.
■ If you are staying with kids under the age of 10, please let us know well in advance.
■ Smoking is not allowed in the house. If you want to smoke, please do it at a designated area.
■ We change your futon cover, pillow cover, and sheets after your third day of staying at our guest house.
■ If you want them to be changed sooner, please talk to our staff.
■ Room cleaning will be done from 10 am to 3 pm (not every day).
■ We will not be held responsible for accidents, injuries, and theft
■ If you show unruly behaviors to others, you may be asked to leave the house.
■ If you steal or make damages to our properties, we may report to the police.
■ We will not be held responsible for theft. Please be very careful with your personal belongings.
■ Small children alone cannot stay at our house.
■ We cannot let animals in our guest house.
■ You are not allowed to bring: things with stench, things that make loud sound, things that could lead to fire, guns/knives/swords that are not legalized, other thing that don't comply with regulations and laws in Japan/Kyoto.
■ We will not be held responsible for accidents caused by guests.
■ Please be courteous to others with cell phone use.
■ If you forget your dial locker security code and need our assistance for it, you will be charged 3,000 yen.
■ If there is an item that you left at the house after check-out, we can keep it for your for three weeks maximum. After three weeks and with no message from you, it will be disposed.
■ You are not allowed to invite people to the house who are not included in the reservation. You are not allowed to bring such people without approval from us.
■ Please do not move/relocate/make changes to the guest house properties.
■ You are not allowed to try to sell anything to other guests without our approval.

■ 館内の設備、備品を損傷・紛失・汚染された場合はその物品の相当額を負担していただきます。
■当館に次の物を持ち込むことは禁止しております:悪臭・異臭のある物、 火薬・鉄砲・刃物等の危険物、他のお客様の迷惑になると思われる物 。
■ 館内での事故について、当施設では一切責任を負いかねます。
■お忘れ物につきましては3週間お預かり致します。 3週間以内にお問い合わせが無い場合は当店にて処理させて頂きます。
■館内および施設内で高声、放歌及び喧騒な行為、その他で他人に嫌悪感を与えたり、 迷惑をおよぼしたり、 また、賭博や公序良俗に反する行為をなさらないでください。
■ 有不是宵禁。 然而,請不要從走出去在深夜去對別人要有禮貌。
■ 請不要忘記鎖好門。
■ 如果你住在 10 歲下的孩子請讓我們提前知道。
■ 在房子裡不允許吸煙。 如果你想要抽煙,請做它在指定的區域。
■ 我們改變你蓋的被褥、 枕頭蓋和床單的我們招待所入住三天后。
■ 如果你想他們要改變越快,請跟我們的工作人員。
■ 房間清潔工作將從 10 上午到 3 下午 (不是每一天)。
■ 我們將不負責事故、 傷害和盜竊 ■ 如果你顯示給其他人不守規矩的行為,你可能要離開這所房子。
■ 如果你竊取或對我們的屬性所做的損害,我們可能會向警方報告。
■ 我們將不舉行失竊負責。 請必須非常小心自己的財物。
■ 小的孩子單獨不能住在我們家裡。
■ 我們不能讓動物在我們的招待所。
■ 你不許帶: 惡臭、 發出響亮的聲音的東西,可能會導致火災的事情、 槍/刀/劍不合法化,與另一件事不遵守管理法規和法律在日本/京都的事情。
■ 我們將不承擔事故造成的客人負責。
■ 他人用手機請要有禮貌,使用。
■ 如果您忘記了您撥號更衣室的安全代碼,它需要我們的説明,你將收取 3000 日元。
■ 如果你離開家後簽出的項,我們可以讓它為你最大的三個星期。 三個星期後,沒有你的消息,它將釋放。
■ 你不允許邀請到房子的人不包括在該保留。 你不准把這種未經批准的人從我們。
■ 請移動/重定位/你做的並且不更改房子為訪客屬性。
■ 你不允許嘗試任何東西賣給其他客人未經我們的同意。

■ 但有是在附近沒有宵禁令人討厭,所以晚上出去請盡可能避免。
■ 您的客戶是請鎖好門。
■ 與之前的 10 歲以下兒童的家庭預訂時,請查閱。
■ 酒店是完全禁止吸煙。請如果你在的地方吸煙。
■ 更換的被罩、 枕巾、 床單會和更換一次每 3 晚。
■ 應請儘快通知我們所以並替換任何工作人員。
■ 打掃你的房間,從 10:15,偶爾?
■ 在現場的事故中,請注意我們是不負責盜竊、 損失、 損害。
■ 是惱人的滋擾,給其他客人在酒店的設施,你會。
■ 我們將員警向報告,如果有盜竊設備安裝在酒店設施或財產損失的行為。
■ 現場設施和設備損壞、 損失和污染是否將承擔相當的貨物。
■ 使用禁止只小的孩子。
■ 年寵物是嚴格禁止的。
■ 禁止使酒店旁邊: 其他客戶的氣味,氣味,如爆炸物、 槍支、 刀具等危險物品的似乎是。
在酒店,在我們的設施 ■ 事故不承擔任何責任。
■ 請使用旅客不便使用行動電話的其他客戶。
■ 如果您失去了您的 PIN 代碼撥號更衣室成本 3000 日元將會收取。
■ 我們將隨時為您的物品的 3 個星期。 如果沒有接觸在 3 周內我們會讓處理在店裡。
■ 應邀到房間的遊客徒然,或請使用各項設施和相關的文章。
■ 設備內的酒店和從地方移動設施的徒然,沒有變化,而不做處理。
■ 現場和設施高大聲反對賭博和公共秩序和道德或在其他檔案系統或鉛對別人厭惡禁止的行為和行動。
■ 年無違禁的貨物銷售和分發廣告材料,包括其他客戶許可權和酒店。
■ 在酒店安全原因拒絕向我們的非本地居民入場。


入住 下午4:00
退房 上午11:00
面積 沒有註明
最短住宿天數 1 晚
最長住宿天數 90 晚

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Wing S


The room is a bit far from the station, but the room is relatively comfortable. The host is friendly and provides detailed information for us.
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도쿄역을 중심으로 이동에 용이하긴 하였으나 여러 유적지로 가기 위해서는 환승이 필요한 곳입니다. 하지만 게스트하우스가 있는 마을에 관광객보다는 일본인들이 많아 현지 분위기를 느끼기 좋은 곳입니다. 조용한 마을이라 더욱 좋았습니다. 호스트가 매우 친절합니다. 하지만 상주하지 않은 덕에 질문을 주고받을 수는 없었습니다. 만약 호스트와 소통이 필요하다면 다른 방법을 강구해야 할 것입니다. 다만 방 안에 잠금장치가 없어서 조금 불안했습니다. 여성 여행자들은 이 점을 중요시 여깁니다. 하지만 전체적으로 깨끗하고 조용해서 무척 만족했습니다.
為便於在移動長居中上東京,而是為了去轉移是所需的多個網站。但村裡的很多的日本遊客,而不是當地的住客是感受到氣氛的好地方。寧靜的村莊位置在洛杉磯更多。主持人是非常友好的。但沒有 Doug 駐留和接收問題上。如果有必要,與主機進行通信,其他就必須找出如何。然而,由於在房間裡的鎖緊裝置是有點擔心。女性遊客保持這一點。但全面、 很乾淨、 安靜。
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Great location, easy access to Tokyo main station, walkable distant to 3 other stations and just over 10 mins walk to Fushimi-Inari Taisha. Good value for money if you are after a shared facilities sort of accommodation.
偉大的位置,方便前往東京主要車站,步行遙遠 3 其他地點和剛剛超過 10 分鐘步行到伏見 Inari 泰山。如果你是在住宿設施共用的排序後的物超所值。
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The Host of the guesthouse is so great! He arranged a whole guest house for my family! It is out of our expectation! Thank you so much!
家庭旅館的主人是如此之大 !他為我的家人安排了一個整個的招待所 !這是出乎我們的意料 !非常感謝!
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It's a recommended hostel. It's so near Kyoto station and Fushimi Inari.
它是我們推薦的旅館。就這樣在京都站和伏見 Inari 附近。
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MR.HAYASHI was very helpful to us and very hospitable.
the location of the house was actually easy to found but i misunterstood the google map so it took appraximately 20 mins to get the house even though i was somewhere nearby. the house is very clean and it provides everything we need. its convenient to get to the fushimi inari and nearest bus station, you can walk to there from the property. anyway, stayed in mr.hayshi's place for two night was a very pleasant choice.
房子的地點是其實很容易,但我發現 misunterstood 谷歌地圖 appraximately 花了 20 分鐘,要買那棟房子,雖然我來的地方附近。房子很乾淨,它提供了我們所需要的一切。方便地獲得對伏見 inari 和最近的公車站,你可以步行去那裡從屬性。不管怎麼說,呆在 mr.hayshi 的地方因為兩個晚上是一個非常令人愉快的選擇。
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The place is very traditional, super nice and clean! Staff also friendly and kind! Place is very near 稻荷, is easy to visit Kyoto!
7-11 and 24hr McDonald is near so that we can easily to get food. Hayashi San very kind too, he willing to solve my problem.
7-11 和 24 小時麥當勞就在附近,我們可以方便地獲取食物。林聖很親切,他願意解決我的問題。
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Ma C


Hayashi-san is a very awesome host, very prompt in replying, and very helpful.

The place is a traditional Japanese house. The room is equipped with a bunk bed and extra foam. There is microwave oven, washin machine and fridge for the guests. There are also toiletries for free usage. You will also find some helpful maps and brochures for your Kyoto tour. The best thing about the place is its location. It's about 10 minutes walk to Fushimi Inari Shrine. There are also 2 train stations near the area. And it's 4 bus stops away from Kyoto station.

I highly recommend this place for your Kyoto visit.

這個地方是一個傳統的日本房子。房間配備雙層床和額外的泡沫。還有微波爐,為客人塑封機和冰箱。也有為免費使用洗護用品。你也會發現一些有用的地圖和摺頁冊為你的京都之旅。最好的地方是它的位置。它是大約 10 分鐘步行到伏見 Inari 神社。另外還有 2 火車站附近。它是從京都站 4 巴士站。

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This is a traditional japanese guesthouse and we felt very comfortable. The place is really clean and towels are provided which is a plus. The location is fairly convenient (within walking distance of Fushimi-Inari), overall a good experience.
這是一個傳統的日本賓館,我們感覺很舒服。地方是真正的乾淨和毛巾提供的是一個加號。位置是相當方便 (步行範圍內伏見 Inari),總體而言很好的經驗。
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