Stylish Surry Hills Private Room

Stylish Surry Hills Private Room

Australia, New South Wales, Sydney




  • 公寓
  • 獨立套房
  • 2 位客人
  • 1房
  • 1張床
  • 2間浴室




Welcome to Sydney!

A large comfy queen size bed awaits you within this bright and airy room with large windows. You have a choice of air conditioning, a fan or open windows for those people who do not like the closed environment you get in a hotel, and this room is very quiet, being at the back of the house.The house is more reminiscent of being in a traditional french style home than the centre of this beautiful city we call Sydney!

There is no other private home so close to everything in the centre of Sydney with the same advantages. We offer FREE WiFi, FREE cleaning service and air conditioning in the bedrooms.

This is a traditional terrace on three and a half levels, situated just south of Hyde Park and in walking distance of Central Railway Station.

We are close to Hyde Park, Centre Point Tower, the Opera House, the Harbour Bridge, Darling Harbour, Chinatown, all theatres, museums, art galleries, St Mary's Cathedral, Fox Studios, Sydney Cricket Ground, swimming pools, the Rocks and the Domain.

The local buses will take you to all the best beaches and it is a six minute walk to Central Railway Station and only an eight minute walk to Paddy's Market which is open Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

We are in the centre of the BEST cafes, restaurants and coffee shops, and you can shop till you drop in the City, Darling Harbour, The Rocks and famous Oxford Street.

There is one downside - we cannot get TV reception in this home, so if you are addicted to TV, please don't book - however, we do have a large selection of DVDs which you can watch in the family room or on your laptop in the comfort of your room.

Enjoy your stay in Sydney's CBD with its city life and famous icons and all the best beaches just a bus ride away, including famous Bondi Beach with the Icebergs Club at the south end. This makes winter in Sydney more than just bearable. I drive to Bondi every morning and I am happy to take guests with me if the time suits us both.

A minimum stay of 4 nights applies for the Christmas and NEW YEARS EVE period, with a holiday loading. The rates for the dates from Dec 25 to Jan 02 are $230 per night with a minimum of 4 nights on any of these dates. THE FOUR NIGHTS WITH LOADING CAN NOT BE INCLUDED IN A WEEKLY RATE.

Thanks and look forward to meeting you!
歡迎來到悉尼 !

在這個明亮,通風的房間有大窗戶內舒適張大床等待著你。你有空調、 風扇或打開的視窗選擇為那些不喜歡你在酒店裡,在封閉的環境的人和這個房間是很安靜,被在房子的後面。這房子是更讓人聯想到被在傳統法國風格的房子比這座美麗的城市的中心,我們叫悉尼 !

還有沒有其他私人家這麼近的一切在悉尼市中心與相同的優勢。我們提供免費的 wifi 上網、 免費清洗服務和臥室空調。


我們已接近海德公園、 中心點塔、 歌劇院、 海港大橋、 達令港、 唐人街、 所有劇院、 博物館、 藝術畫廊、 聖瑪麗大教堂,福克斯製片廠、 悉尼板球場、 游泳池、 岩石和域。

本地公共汽車會帶你去所有最好的海灘,它是六分鐘步行到中央火車站和只有八分鐘步行到水稻的市場是開放星期三、 星期四、 星期五、 星期六和星期日。

我們在最好的咖啡館、 餐館和咖啡廳的中心,你可以買到,直到你放棄在城市、 達令港、 岩石和著名的牛津街。

有一個缺點 — — 我們收不到電視信號在這回家,所以如果你是沉迷于電視,請不要預訂-但是,我們做 Dvd 你可以觀看大選擇家庭房或上有你的筆記本電腦在舒適的房間。

享受停留在悉尼的生物多樣性公約 》 與它的城市生活和著名的圖示和所有最好的海灘只是乘坐公車走了,包括著名的邦迪海灘與冰山俱樂部在南端。這使得冬天在悉尼超過只是承受得住。我每天早上開車去邦迪也樂意與我的客人,如果時間適合我們兩個。

最低入住 4 晚申請年聖誕和新的年除夕期間,以載入一個假期。日期從 12 月 25 日到 Jan 02 房價每晚最少的 4 個晚上對任何這些日期 230 美元。載入的四個夜晚不能列入每週率。

謝謝,期待著見到你 !


  • 寬帶網絡
  • 無線網路
  • 空調
  • 暖氣
  • 蜂嚀器/無線對講機


清潔費 不收費
每位額外客人每晚付 不收費
押金 TWD 0
此筆款項將在您辦理入住手續時由房東當面收取,或退房時由房東退還給您,以防止物品損壞或遺失。 了解更多
取消 中等
入住前 5 天取消,將全額退款(不包括平台服務費)





**No Smoking
**Christmas & New Year rates apply
**Breakfast: AU$20 pp. extra, on request
* * 禁止吸煙 * * 聖誕 & 新年率適用 * * 早餐: AU$ 20 頁的額外要求


入住 下午2:00
退房 下午12:00
面積 沒有註明
最短住宿天數 2 晚
最長住宿天數 14 晚

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Leonie was was a great host and will provide you with any information on where to go and trips out. Leonie is also very friendly and very interesting person.
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Leoni and Winslow (the cat) were very gracious hosts and also very helpful too, maps and public transport information were provided. A beautiful home, tastefully furnished and spacious, luxurious bathroom definitely made the stay a relaxing weekend getaway. Would highly recommend this to anyone looking to visit Sydney and reside close to the CBD!!
萊尼和斯洛 (cat) 非常熱情好客的主人,也很有説明,地圖和公共交通資訊提供了。一個美麗的家,高雅裝備和寬敞、 豪華的浴室肯定讓我們住的一個放鬆的週末。會強烈推薦這給尋找訪問悉尼和緊鄰 CBD 居住的任何人 !!


Dear Vincent! You are too kind and I really appreciate your words. You are welcome back here anytime and I'm sure that Winslow echos my feelings!
親愛的 Vincent !你真是太好,我非常欣賞你的話語。隨時歡迎您光臨回到這裡,我敢肯定那 · 溫斯洛 · 回聲報 》 我的感情 !
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